Why digital marketing is important for businesses?

Do you know the super kinetic impact of digital marketing today? 

Well, take a look – 

  • A simple tweet galvanises the mass to rethink a new change (for example, Anna Hazare movement in India) 

  • A Facebook post with relevant hash-tagged catchphrases and business links contribute gigantic commercial growth to a company. 

  • Social media platforms, notably Twitter & Facebook, connect businesses with their prospects in REAL TIME. Instant responses from customers foster engagements and leads for the businesses. 

  • Digital marketing develops brand presence by reducing the overall cost than that of the conventional marketing approach. 

  • Video marketing boosts conversion rate for a brand by 86% (source: mysmn.com)

  • Smartphones contribute 50% of online queries, 88% searches through mobile phones concern local businesses (source: mysmn.com) 

  • 46% web surfers prefer social media for shopping products online (source: wersm.com) 

  • Linkedin drives 2 new members every second (source: wersm.com) 

Conclusion is, the presence of digital marketing and its unmistakable impact is undeniable today. If I am forced to say, I would like to pronounce it an indispensable necessity for brands.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important?

To register a broader presence for your brand in this commercially-driven and highly competitive online marketplace is a challenging task. I mean, it is a herculean task. 


Because, to have your brand in limelight of online marketplace, involves a holistic strategy in the first place, the meticulously designed plan and its equally smarter and practical implementation. 

Unfortunately, most brands in India lack dedicated resource, infrastructure, and necessary technology to be able to promote their brands effectively online. As a result, hiring digital marketing company poses to be a necessity, anunavoidable urge to say the least.

For instance, if you conduct your business operation in Delhi but are clueless how to target local traffics to improve your presence, a digital marketing company in Delhi , for example, can mean to be a wise decision. 

Digital marketing is comprehensive. It is therefore this reason that most companies have no idea how to get along with it in a way resulting in a guaranteed success. 

It becomes more confusing and complex if sufficient resource is not available. As a result, hiring a digital marketing company sounds inevitable need. 

You get the following benefits:

  • Better management of your in-house requirement.

  • Best strategy for your brand campaign.

  • From off-page to on-page optimisation of your site, from social media marketing to comprehensive email marketing and website development, your brand is effectively managed to afford prominence in due course of time. 

DM Or Digital Marketing Is Important Because:

  • It is futuristic and will soon substitute conventional marketing manoeuvres. 

  • Businesses turn to digital shifts by slowly abdicating traditional way of functioning. Digital content is now perceived as an effective advertising system for small and medium scale startups, as well as big companies. 

  • Better communications and engagements with prospects developed using effective DM strategy. 

  • DM improves savings on overall marketing cost by nearly 40% versus traditional marketing cost.

  • The number of approaching traffics and their conversion to leads is underlying motive that DM delivers by effectively synergising SEO, SMO, and email marketing activities. 

Digital marketing assures better revenue growth chance for brands that choose this medium versus those which don’t. It was exemplified in Google analysis with IPSOS Hong Kong, in which it attributed 2.8 times more revenue growth anticipation for organisations using digital marketing approach for their business. 

For small and medium sized organisations, digital marketing is the most prominent growth driver. According to Kevin O’Kane , the head of SME of Google’s Asia-Pacific , digital market is like a rocket fuel to transcend the growth of little and medium scale ventures (source: digitalvidya). 

Is Hiring Digital Marketing Company Affordable?

To answer the question requires you to search for various options on the internet. Google will surely update you the same if you run some keywords associated with your query in the search engine. 

Further, it makes sense if you do comparative analysis on some websites offering digital marketing services. It will help you get to know which brand offers more affordable service regarding your need and budget. 

Still confused?

To narrow down your search for a trusted digital marketing company, prioritise Radiate Digital. It is one of the fastest-growing brands believing in customer’s delight through time-bound deliverables. 


Digital marketing is embraced as the most important and potent contributor for brands in India and around the world, to drive targeted traffics, improves engagements, and brings forth new leads. Hiring best digital marketing company will serve your branding purpose in more realistic and result-oriented manner.