Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Social Media Expert

Welcome to the digital age, where self driving cars are no longer a distant sci-fi fantasy, kids have smart phones in pre-school, and to have a successful business, you have to be on social media!

Social Media marketing is vital to the success of any business. When you hire social media marketing agency, you are hiring specialized agency with multifaceted skill set who has capability to take your business to the new heights.

Here are top 10 reasons why every business needs a social media marketing expert.

1. Sales/ Leads

The ultimate goal of any social media marketing strategy is to earn money. Hiring social media marketing experts will not only promote your business but also improve the chances of attracting more customers. Social media experts are highly skilled and experienced in turning followers into customers. Companies that marketed their products on social media reported an increase in sales in short timeframe.

2. Tracking & Measure

Before acquiring sales, you need a way to track it. A social media marketing expert can help setup Facebook pixels, conversion tracking codes, remarketing audiences and more. This will enable you determine how an audience is progressing through the marketing funnel from product view, lead, add to cart, sale etc.

3. Quality work

You need some basic images and a few Facebook ads to keep your business’s social media profiles engaging. Social media marketing experts know how to encourage audience participation and engagement in different ways beyond generic postings.

4. Build recognition and credulity

Apart from acquiring sales, one of the prime goals of social media marketing is to build your brand’s image. A social media marketing expert can help your brand gain a favourable online reputation. This can, in turn, transform into real world brand recognition.

In this day and age, no one will trust a company without a social media presence. If you want t ensure that you are running trust worthy and credible business, you need an attractive social media presence. A social media marketing expert can help you achieve this.

5. Grow a long term audience.

Marketing isn’t all about instant gratification. Growing an established audience is something that happens over a long period of time with great social media expertise.

Once you have a sizable following, you can advertise to a hundreds of thousands of people for free simply by making a social media post.

6. Increase website traffic

It won’t be enough for you to sit and hope people would find your website on their own. You need to lead them to your website. Social media experts craft content and advertisements to direct customers to your website.

7. Boost engagement

Quality and timely interaction with your followers can transform them into customers and then these customers can turned into repeat customers. Social media experts are dedicated to encourage engagement in the forms of likes, comments and shares, which in turn encourages customer loyalty. Studies indicate that 90% of the businesses have reported increased exposure from social media.

8. Money Saving

Everyone wants results without spending too much of the money. Social media marketing can do just that. If done correctly, social media marketing can bring your desirable results without spending a good amount of money. Social media advertising is more effective and quick than other forms of advertising.

9. #Hashtags:

The right hashtags on your post works to a great extent in encouraging awareness for your brand. Hastags are also extremely useful for organizing photos from events and helping businesses find their audience. Social media experts have expert knowledge of which tags to use and when to use them.

10. Track ROI

Social media marketing is completely traceable. Social media marketing experts know how to calculate results. They can measure sales, website traffic, email subscription, app downloads, and more. Also they can compare results to the amount of money and time spent to determine ROI.

The Final Note

Social media marketing is a wonderful and extremely effective way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers. If you are not interacting with your customers through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrest, you are missing out! Effective marketing on social media bring remarkable success to your business, and bring leads and sales to your business.