Top 10 Benefits of SEO & Why Your Business Needs SEO

No wonder millions of people Google the term “SEO” each month. That’s because they know the value of showing up on the first page of Google. But how does SEO help in doing that? What does SEO even mean? You probably know that it stands for search engine optimization, but what are you supposed to optimize, is it design, writing or maybe links? Yes-it’s all of that and more. Let’s understand SEO and answer all the queries.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in search engine’s unpaid results. In this process you optimise your website to maximize organic traffic from search engines. The leading search engines include Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube. Here’s a list of SEO benefits that will blow your mind. You will be making a huge mistake if you are not leveraging all of the below SEO benefits. Here’s why.

1. There are millions of people searching for your products or services on search engines

There are over 2 billion people online and it is estimated that approx 93% online activities start on search engines. One of the most crucial benefits of SEO is that your customers are using search engines daily.

2. SEO pulls in quality traffic

There’s this traffic that’s good, search engine traffic. Why? Because people are searching you for the problem you solve. You don’t need to push advertisements to convince people for buying your offerings. Search traffic is already interested in your offerings.

3. SEO traffic is more likely to convert

SEO traffic is highly likely to convert than other sources of traffic. When you position yourself on search engine, you position your business to win more conversions. In fact, search traffic has the good conversion rates for most websites.

4. SEO doesn’t engage any paid advertising

If you have strong SEO standings, you don’t need to advertise. You can easily increase your website without having to pay per click.  A great and effective SEO strategy can help you scale back your advertising budget, and invest it in more efficient areas.

5. Top SEO rankings offers 24/7 promotion

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does not sleep. It remains active 24/7. Your rankings don’t disappear overnight. Your website traffic can be increased all day, every day. Once you rank high in search engines, they will promote your business while you are sleeping.

6. SEO Builds trust and credibility

People trust Google for finding everything. They use it every day to search what they are looking for. When you rank high on search engines, your business will automatically win trust and build credibility with your audience. In fact it is seen that approximately 37% of search engine clicks are on the first organic listing. 

7. SEO increases your brand awareness  and equity

SEO significantly help build your brand equity. In other words, it helps people become familiar with your brand. Awareness is important. Your website visitors may not always be ready to purchase, but by being aware of your offering, they may buy it in near future.

8. SEO is measurable

SEO is completely measurable. You can easily measure your conversions and source of conversions. It also allows you to measure the progression of your website rankings and organic traffic. When you hire the best SEO Company, you will be able to measure which search Keywords are valuable to your business.

9. SEO will help you to break into new markets

SEO offers great opportunities for your business to break into markets. Once your website is optimized, you can expand your website to target other keywords. These keywords could be new products or services you plan to offer. You can rely on search engines to drive qualified traffic to your new offerings, thereby helping you enter new markets.

10. SEO improves your website’s click through rate

High SEO rankings will boost your website’s click-through rate. Click through rate is the amount of people who click your website divided by the amount of people you reached. You must have high click through rate to enhance your SEO.

The Final Note

You are losing opportunities or rather money every day if your website is not optimized in the search engines.