Signs That Show it’s Time for a Website Redesign


Websites are similar to vehicles. They often need to keep up with ongoing updates, maintenance, and require timely care. Eventually, with due course of time a vehicle needs to get changed. Same goes with websites.

Company’s website is an ever changing marketing tool to help you attain more business. But with change in time, your website will also undergo change. There are certain new features that eventually become must haves with changing times.

Website launch is an extremely exciting for many clients and business owners may think that they are done. However, you need to redesign your website down the road. Below are some reasons as of why your website would need a redesign. Let’s figure out how website redesign can help you to make best decision for your company and budget.  

  • When it gets difficult to update your website

If your website was built about a decade ago, let suppose it sits on plain HTML, there are high chances that you spend more time on updating the website than you would do otherwise. Also, it’s a total waste of time to update your website as it would be better if you could spend that time on other things like expanding your business, the cost to redo your website etc.

WordPress templates offer the best and easiest way to get your website up and running.

What if you started with a website template and unfortunately ended up having to rework major parts to make it worth as per your business. Such changes may lead you to face many challenges like templates are required to be compatible with the current version of WordPress.

The bottom line is that when you get frustrated with making website changes, you will want to consider making a brand new website that is easier to manage.

Web Designing Services
Web Designing Services
  • Your Company is undergoing complete rebrand

You need to deploy time, money and inconsistent efforts in rebranding your company. Your website is a major part of your marketing strategy and if you are considering going through a total rebrand, you would want to ensure that you put your best foot forward with the website.

Rebranding may include things like:

  • A new logo design
  • A new tagline
  • New colours/fonts
  • An entirely  new brand guideline

 It’s crucial to update and redo your website from time to time. It is ideal to reflect your new branding and get the most out of the money allocated to rebranding.

  • Your website lacks Mobile and SEO friendliness  

If your website is not mobile friendly, now is the high time you should think for a website redesign.  As per reports, 52% of Global internet traffic finds its way from mobile devices. Keep aside users demand, Google demotes websites in rankings that are not considered mobile friendly. Therefore, all this indicates that your website needs to be mobile friendly or SEO compatible.

Other vital SEO based aspects you should consider include:

  • Does your website loads quickly?
  • Does your Meta information is up to date or not?
  • Does your website structure make sense or not?

Also, it has been concluded that it is possible to optimize your website but you must keep in mind the fact that the time spent adjusting your site may out weight the cost to redesign it.

The Bottom Line

Apart from above mentioned points, cost is another factor that may force you to go for a website redesign. It’s better to go for website redesign rather wasting time in making new website all over again. You need to keep abreast with latest technological changes to beat your competitors. Hiring top website designing company in Delhi NCR can help you with redesigning and hence presenting your website all over again in new format.