Radiate Digital’s CEO & Co-founder Mr. Sanjeev Dhull became Angel Investor for Fintech startup, Mera Cashier, raises $250K in Seed Funding

Donning the CEO’s hat isn’t for the faint of heart. One in a hundred gets one lifetime chance from the corporate world to steer a company. A company chief should meet head-on challenges while striving to reach impudent goals. Although the characteristic traits of mostly all company chiefs remain same altogether but it’s the business acumen quality of the CEO that defines company’s success and differentiates it from its competitors. We know one such man whose unbeatable spirit to embrace challenges and unmatched skill to play safe while remaining on the top has made his start-up called Radiate Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. a market leader in Digital Marketing Industry.

He’s none other than Mr. Sanjeev Dhull –Co-founder & CEO of Radiate Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. Keeping his love for plants alive, he finds peace in spreading greenery & helping society breathe clean by way of selling plants, in fact, it’s much beyond. Yes, that’s his recent venture called PAL-Plant A Life. He’s a proud founder of PAL- a digitally promoted and conducted initiative aimed to help children from marginalized communities to get access to quality education and health.

What makes “PAL” all the more special is the fact that, for every plant that is being sold, PAL contributes 50% of its profit share to support primary education and heath of underprivileged. His equally interesting twin venture is GREENOTHON- it has emerged from PAL’s ideology of educating young generation and other individuals about the importance of planting trees in protecting the environment and mitigating environmental concerns.

Mr. Sanjeev Dhull, Founder of PAL & Greenothon, added,

“GREENOTHON is an everlasting Environmental Responsibility (ER) process where we spread information and knowledge for environment care & concerns amongst new generation & other individuals by planting more and more trees which are medicinal or Food plants in nature, in their schools, colleagues or respective premises”.

(Source: Greenothon.in)

His infatuation for plants has led him along with his team to achieve milestones in expanding green cover by participating in major plantation drives on a large scale. Team Greenothon has pulled off major plantation drives including,

  • Public/ Govt. Sector CSR Activity

Greenothon recently participated in a massive plantation drive organised by Noida Development Authority on 9th Aug, 2019 and planted more than 1000 saplings in the Biodiversity Park, sprawling over 110 acres of land, located in Noida sector 91.

  • Privately held Plantation Drive

Greenothon Drive got a much needed support for organizing plantation drive from around 12 schools wherein our Greenothon Yodhha’s planted 9000 saplings on the privately held land offered by private schools.

Mr. Dhull has recently played a role of angel investor by participating in a seed funding round for a Noida-based fintech startup Mera Cashier. Other angel investor includes Vinod Abrol (Head Private Investments at SAR group, ex Jabong CFO. The start-up has raised $250,000 in seed funding which is led by Startup Buddy’s Co-founders Amit Singal and Manish Aggarwal.

It has been stated that the Mera Cashier app will use these funds to build more value added features and acquire customers. Amit Singal, Co-founder, Startup Buddy, said, “MSME Business is growing rapidly in India and business owners are now taking initiative to shift to technology, so this product has a huge market.” Mr. Amit Singal has also participated in a $160,000 seed funding round of a Pune-based enterprise.

Let’s take you through Mera Cashier app’s tour. (Source: www.meracashier.com)

Mera Cashier is an Android app which is meant exclusively for small and micro businessmen that will help them manage their credit transactions digitally over their phone. This means businesses don’t need to use manual book keeping methods like bahi-khatas, registers, and notebooks. Mera Cashier app is loaded with the basic transaction management features like adding, managing customers and their transactions. It also some advanced features that enable micro businessmen to use their financial data to expand and manage their business efficiently. The Mera Cashier app claims to have 170,000 downloads and 140,000 registered businesses.

This was one of the major business strokes closed by Mr. Sanjeev Dhull in the ever evolving corporate dynamics. He added. “When you are a participant of digital marketing agency and become centre of the ecosystem, then you have to look at the things from a much wider prospective that lead you to customer-focused destinations”.

Mr. Sanjeev Dhull had already sensed the pace with which India was moving towards attaining Digital India tag. He already knew that Digital marketing is going to be phenomenal and hence there are countless opportunities to create value for funds in the digital marketing space.