Make your website Mobile friendly with Simple SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization

Imagining your day without smart phone is like imagining yourself as human being without oxygen. People are addicted to their cell phones like never before. Probably that’s why Google has decided to switch towards mobile indexing. Website owners need to pay heed to bring vital changes to the website.

Few SEO changes can make the website mobile friendly to ensure the quality ranks and traffic in the changing scenarios. Mobile friendliness is the basic need for website these days as per the experts from a reputed professional Search Engine Optimization company in Delhi NCR.  

Make the pages ready for mobile

The web page design appears different on different devices. You need to incorporate special changes on the pages as per the small size of the mobile devices. Also, web designers should ensure that they are able to leverage the Google tool so as to make sure the web pages are mobile friendly.  

Ensure the website speed and load time

Search Engine Optimization Process
Search Engine Optimization Process

If the web page is taking more than 4 seconds to load on mobile devices, don’t expect users to wait. Not only people but Google also takes the page loading speed quite seriously. Therefore, you are required to go through the page speed insights offered by Google and focusing on your website speed and load time according to the guidelines. Hiring right web designing company can help you get rid of slow response of the web pages on mobile as well as desktop versions.

Choose the fonts wisely

It is quite true that the font selection has huge impact on the user experience and the page loading speed. Hence, you need to ensure that the fonts should be of the size that looks comfortable on mobile screens and must be standard. If the user has to zoom again and again to read the content, then it need to be checked and is not the good sign for your website. This may hamper the long term loyalty and readability of readers, which decreases the traffic. Consequently, decreased traffic notifies Google that your page is not fulfilling the requirements. Therefore, Google will drop your rankings in the search results.

The image optimization is crucial. Large sized images can cause problem in loading on the mobile devices. This will truly impact your quality pages for no reason at all. Therefore, you should invest your time in optimizing images for the mobile devices.

Avoid using Flash

You must note that you should not use Flash for animations. Flashed based content is should be a big no. It impacts the mobile friendly approach of your website.

Check your web pages on mobile devices

Finally, you must check web pages on mobile devices. Ensure that every page must get open on the mobile device. If it’s not opening, then you must check your robots.txt to locate the issues.

The End Note

It is wise to find the right company that offers unparalleled Search Engine Optimization in Delhi NCR. When you have experienced SEO Expert by your side, you will be able to gain maximum traffic and convert leads into loyal customers.