Is the Corona virus Disease (Covid-19) affecting Your Business?

Covid-19 has completely shaken the lives of people. Be it, completing daily chores, going to the office, visiting places, travelling, eating out, shopping or anything that you used to do earlier, everything has moulded into a new protocol of doing.

Corona Virus disease has totally changed the system that runs the world; the way the Great Depression, 2008 financial crash, and dot-com bubble, changed in the past. Putting simply, businesses and ultimately the economy has badly got hit due to this pandemic. The question that constantly pokes all of us is, ‘When will the things get back to normal or will everything be normal at all?

Let’s contemplate what fundamental changes will take place in the business of leading sectors that run our economy. Here’s the quick sneak peek into sectors that will get hit adversely and those that will see slight upward trend in business.

Sectors hit adversely

  • Apparel & Textile: This sector will get affected badly due to lack of labour supply, unavailability of raw material, diminishing demand and working capital constraints owing to lack of people mobility and purchasing ability.
  • Auto sector: This sector includes automobiles and auto parts. It is surely going to face tough time on account of global recession, lack of demand and declining income levels.
  • Aviation & Tourism: It is one of most adversely affected sector that is going to face complete crash in the next 12 months.Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s highly unlikely that people will travel for leisure apart from necessary travel.
  • Shipping and Non-Food Retail – This sector is going to see major downturn in global shipping and Non food retail business.
  • Building & Construction– This sector is sure going to see major downturn in long run. Building and construction sector is leveraged and hence is going to face the dual challenges of lack of sales and high-interest payments.

Sectors with a possible upward business trend

Digital & Internet Economy: Digital and internet marketing companies are sure going to find new takers.

  • Ed-tech and Online Education: During pandemic it is online education and ed-tech companies that are going to get profited the most. Specially those involved with online-skill development
  • Online groceries
  • Spike in demand for digital Content. Yes it is going to be in demand more than ever.

FMCG & Retail: Post COVID, FMCG & Retailwill be benefited massively.

Speciality Chemicals: Companies engaged in chemicals will see rise in business due to high demand for drugs, disinfectants and medicines.

Pharma: Due to COVID outbreak, Pharmaceutical companies are experiencing growth in the near term.

How Digital Marketing can help improve your business during Pandemic?

Businesses are getting more dependent than ever on digital marketing to make it through their tough times. With the complete disappearance of face to face meetings, live events and conferences, the only key to resilience left for businesses is to take support of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is likely to be the clear winner in current pandemic times. Companies (either small or big) that may not be active on Facebook earlier will need to switch into SEO, Content marketing, and social marketing to survive.

Let your business keep rolling with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Availing SEO service can be very fruitful for your business. Yes, it indeed helps to meet your target customers easily without wasting much time and money. Your website need to be search engine friendly as then only it would show up at the top of the SERP. Thus, it helps in improving your search engine rankings.

Adapting Digital marketing will allow you to open new business opportunities over web or social media platforms while enabling you to maintain customer relationships and foster them over time.

Get seen with Social Media Marketing

The Covid outbreak has already made your prospective clients less open to the idea of meeting and shaking hands. Therefore, a real spike has been seen from companies wishing to create or update long hauled websites, creating social media campaigns, and doing SEO to reach new clients.  For instance,

  • Social media marketing is one of the best digital marketing tools that help to drive traffic onto your website. It is the advanced form of marketing done through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Social media attracts abundance of traffic, therefore availing social media marketing service from the right digital marketing company can help you grow your business.

Email marketing, yet another tool to excel in your business

Email marketing and social media marketing go hand in hand. The derived traffic from social media contains details of emails of its users. Data derived from social media marketing can then be used to augment email marketing campaign. This in turn boost conversion rate through social media.

The Final Note

The coming next year is going to be difficult. Many micro, small and medium enterprises will find it hard to live, some may even get permanently shutdown. But at the same time many new industries will also emerge that may push the economy back to track. Eventually, things will return to the new normal of doing business. Hiring a reliable digital marketing company can help you earn good not only in terms of money but also in terms of name in your industry.