How to navigate your business during Pandemic and thrive in the future?


COVID-19 pandemic has brought global trade and business to a standstill. With social distancing becoming the new model and daily updates about the deadly virus capturing the TV Screens, it has become difficult to resume trade or business. Business owners need to channel their marketing spend wisely and keep going during these times. Businesses need to re-start working on their internet marketing strategies to stay afloat in these rough times.

Here’s how you can navigate your business intelligently and still achieve your business goals.

Rub your think tank and build short and long-term business strategies:

Since nobody knows how long this pandemic will last. Therefore, every business owner (regardless the size of your business) needs to build:

  • Short term business strategies

What is seen is what sells! Yes, this applies to almost every business out there. Staying at home does not mean staying unavailable. It’s very crucial for businesses to stay visible in this hour of difficulty. Utilizing time to focus on brand building, finding customers and sustaining old ones is the best thing to do during these times.

  • Long term business strategies

It’s time to recoil from a business slump and re-connect with lost customers. Regardless of the business type, whether you own a manufacturing facility or a service provider, your long term strategies should follow the same principle.

Revise your keywords and sell the right ones

Changing times have brought changes in keyword searches. It is of no surprise that keywords such as “online medicines” “online pharma” “online classes” and “video conferencing” are seen getting skyrocketed. Regardless the kind of business you are doing and you have nothing to do with these keywords, take heart.

For instance, if you own a yoga studio or a gym, then your keyword search may come with a twist which can be changed from “best yoga center in East Delhi” to “best yoga asanas to boost immunity”. It’s suggested to make your yoga posture videos and put them on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. You must not forget to hire best digital marketing company that can perform aggressive SEO, to ensure all your video rank high and attract maximum traffic. This could be accompanied by posting ads and posts on social media.

In short, there are number of innovative ways that you can adopt to remain visible online regardless the kind of business you are engaged in.

 Stay focused on reduced CPCs

Sparing some funds on marketing efforts and utilizing them to run paid ads can help you in a big way. Owing to the global economic slowdown, many businesses are restoring to cutting costs. They are doing this especially by cutting expenses from their marketing budget. That’s why paid ads are becoming first choice as they are more affordable and less competitive.

Nothing is better than utilizing paid ads to advertise your business effectively that too by covering mass level audience quickly in small budget. You only need to make sure that there’s no spill over as well as you’re targeting the right audience.

Don’t let your audience forget your presence

Keep your audience aware about your presence. Let them know that you’re still around. You can send your target customers emailers to keep them aware about what you’re doing like whether you’re feeding and offering shelter to the needy, delivering food for free, helping your employees to suffice tough times or just helping by staying in and safe. It’s the best time to show your creative side and showcase it out by posting videos on your favourite and popular social media channels. It doesn’t cost anything.

Keep offering free or paid-for online services

Key of staying in touch with your customers is to come up every time with something worth sharing. If you are engaged in the education sector, offering knowledge based tutorials via Google hangouts, Skype, or Zoom is the best way to do so.

Even if you’re a yoga therapist or healthcare service provider, there’s best way to keep up with your business by taking work out or yoga or teaching sessions online. That’s the best found way to stay in touch with your customers and keep them happy. You also have a wonderful option of asking your channel subscribers or viewers to sign-up for accessing premium content by paying online. You can always keep a backup plan of customers buying your services or memberships when things get back to normal, in case they don’t pay for your services or videos.

If you are somebody related to Banking and Finance field, you can always offer best advice on wealth management or financial management in these tough times. This can be done by generating meaningful content in the form of blog posts, videos, and quora answers.

Using Relevant Hashtags

Omnipresent but very powerful nonetheless, hashtags should remain your go-to in troubling coronial times.

You must put forward your energies in maximizing your business reach on social media platforms. Using hashtags is one such rational way to expand your business reach in online world.

Staying abreast with present times is always best to stay in game. You can use popular hashtags related to coronavirus.

#StopTheSpread – To stop the spread of COVID-19

#JOMO – This hashtag stands for Joy of Missing Out. It signifies embracing cancelled plans and staying indoors

#FOMO – It is another popular hasthatg which is just the opposite of JOMO – Fear of Missing Out

#Social Distancing – it is a must follow rule which the world is following to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Its message is crystal clear-Maintaining in person distance to discourage socializing.


Business owners need to focus on their short-term strategies and act quickly, since the future is quite uncertain. The bottom line is to stay committed on remaining visible, not allowing your customers to forget you and providing services in the best possible way in the current scenario.

If you would like to keep reading some valuable stuff related to digital marketing, please stay tuned with us. In the meanwhile, stay home and stay safe!