How Mobile Has Transformed The SEO Industry? Know Here


Mobile phones have completely changed the way people communicate, work, socialize, and entertain themselves. When you are away from your house or workplace and want to read and reply to email, complete any research, get directions or visit your desired social networking sites, everything you can do from anywhere with your cell phone. Quick access to internet of cell phones has lead to a drastic change in many aspects of the ever growing SEO industry in India. Hiring experienced SEO services in Delhi NCR can help you gain untapped exposure that you have been missing until today. Some of the vital changes mobile browsing has created are stated below.

Web Design and Layout

With the rise of mobile devices a drastic change in the presence of websites is seen. Nowadays, websites mostly have two layouts, one for ordinary desktops, and other for slimmer and smarter screens of mobiles and tablets. It also involves the need of mobile users. It depends on users what they want as few clicks as possible, require mobile pages to link quickly, rather than having a deeper and complex site map.


Loading speed

Mobile SEO simply means the time is of the essence. The page speed of any given website is crucial.  Longer loading times can cause people to simply leave your website and look somewhere else. If we go by facts, almost half of the users expect a page to load in under 2 seconds. Longer loading times increase the drop off rate of user engagement. That’s why you need website optimisation and impressive design. Complex mobile sites could be too slow, and may ruin your search results. Regardless of your high rank on Google’s results page, slow mobile site will ensure this gets wasted if mobile site loading times aren’t taken care of.

Power to AMP

AMP abbreviated as Accelerated Mobile Pages are developed by Google to help improve mobile sites. It boosts the loading speed and efficiency of how web pages operate. This enables users to enjoy quick loading experience, and consequently, there’s evidence that Google prefers AMP pages as a result.

Mobile First index

Recognising the sheer power of mobile users in the industry, search engines actively prefer mobile pages. Google announced mobile first index that ensures that mobile and AMP pages are preferred actively when ranking. If you haven’t got a mobile website, chances are quite high that Google would not consider you as high priority business owner as you once were. Similarly, if your mobile website lacks information or pages from your desktop version, this may also lead to reduced visibility, just because it isn’t trending to this growing trend.

Rounding Up

Mobile browsing has encouraged Google to update its algorithm to recognise its growing influence. That’s why your websites need to be optimised to work efficiently on mobile platforms. Finding a reliable SEO company in Delhi NCR can help you optimise your mobile website and use it to your advantage. This way you can gain some great success for your website.