GOOGLE+ is expected to shut down its struggling social network

Google recently revealed that it has suffered a massive data breach owing to which the tech giant is closing its struggling social network four months prior to its actual shut down date. Now it is going to shut down in August 2019 instead of April 2019. 

Google also revealed that it found another challenging security vulnerability in one of the Google+’s people APIs which could have enabled developers to snatch private information on approximately 52 million users, together with their name, age, email address, and occupation. 

The susceptible API in question is known as “People: get”which has been developed to enable developers ask for basic information linked with a user profile. However, there was a software update in month of November which introduced the bug in Google+ people API which enabled apps to view information of users even when a user profile was not-public. This security issue came to notice by Google engineers at the time of standard testing procedures which they addressed it within a week of the issue introduced. 

The company revealed it found no evidence that the susceptibility was exploited or its users’ data was used wrongly by third part app developers. Google also confirmed its users that no passwords, national identification numbers, financial data, or any sensitive data was leaked by this API bug. 

Google had also exposed a massive data breach in month of August which exposed private data of more 5 lacs Google+ users to third-party developers. They also announced to shut down Google + for consumers by end of the August 2019. This is expected to happen due to its failure in gaining significant traction with its consumers as well as broad adoption. However, hit by yet another security incident, Google announced that the company is going to close its social media network in April 2019 instead of August.