Did you know PPC is to strengthen your digital marketing plan?

Technology space is growing by leaps and bounds as new trends are evolving. With ever emerging platforms, the corporate world is finding innovative ways to drive the company to higher levels of success.

Digital marketing is vital to excel in your business. It encompasses all marketing and engagement activities that are being conducted to get found and noticed while grabbing as many leads as possible in the process. Digital marketing activities are done through online media channels. Whether you are running online apparel store or an online bakery, you need to identify an appropriate campaign that works for your brand. The question arises; do you require only one marketing technique to get your brand ahead of the competition?

Reports suggest that 80% of companies focus on Google for PPC (Google AdWords). Pay per click depends on a model of internet marketing where advertisers have to pay fee each time their ad is clicked. Putting simply, it’s a way of buying visits to your site instead of getting them organically. Finding reliable and experienced Pay per click services in Delhi can help you attain your marketing goals.

Why do businesses go for PPC?

Pay per Click campaigns drive positive results since they are strategically targeted towards specific audience. Statistics show that Pay Per Click can produce 80% increase in brand awareness. That’s why it is an excellent way of increasing online visibility quickly. It has also been found that PPC visitors are 50% more likely to buy something than organic visitors. Higher conversion rates indicate that PPC is effective in boosting website traffic.

Why some companies use alternate methods?

Although PPC is a powerful tool in digital marketing but it would be wrong to say that it’s enough. The major drawback attached with PPC is that every click through PPC comes with a price tag. You are diminishing your ROI if you are paying to drive traffic. You need to keep close eye on the performance of your campaign so that you can eliminate the non performing ones. Otherwise you will be burdening yourself with loses.

How about SEO?

If you have a high converting product, then PPC can bring results faster for you.  The traffic stops the moment you stop paying for clicks. If you are short of money and low on budget, you must test which keywords convert better and go ahead with SEO. Research states that Google accounts for 96% of all smart phone search traffic and 94% of total organic traffic. SEO is also effective digital marketing strategy but its little time taking. The cost of SEO is indirect even if you are not paying anything for ads. You also need to ensure the content is of high quality to rank well on SERPs. The ultimate goal is to make it to the first page. List of factors that affect your rankings are:

  • Mobile Optimization
  • A secure and accessible site
  • Optimal loading time including mobile page speed
  • Relevant content
  • Links

Rounding Up

You must fasten your seat belts to implement new strategies for your digital marketing game. You are required to apply a well rounded marketing campaign that will enable your business to thrive. Its ideal to include all encompassing strategies that involve promotion, recognition, and conversion. This way you will be able to attract and retain people from your target market. Your digital marketing strategy should be such that which accomplishes your company’s goals and cultivates its bottom-line along with delivering value. Experience the benefits of PPC by hiring best Pay per Click Services in Delhi and see the magic of boosting ROI of your business.