Brief Overview of Some Major SEO Trends in 2018

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is now considered to be a strategic marketing technique for brands, helping them promote their products and services in this challenging digital marketing landscape. Quite understandably, this technique is considered viable for brands who want to grow up in the fast-paced business world. 

Understanding SEO process 

Let’s get to the bottom of how SEO works in its entirety. 

SEO technique covers the whole paraphernalia of on-page and off-page strategies used to rank up SERP of a website in key search engines, including Google. SEO helps web pages of a website get indexed in Google, and based on the selected set of keywords; ranking of the website is processed accordingly. Google has its own set of algorithms, including Panda and Penguin used to analyse every website and reward those following its guidelines and penalising those going against its compliances. Quite interestingly, this is a never-ending process, as a search engine has to be informed that your website is up and running and serves as a great platform for quality information it broadcasts. 

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SERP focused technique 

SEO technique will be used to maintain a consistent growth of a website’s SERP in Google or other key search engines. SERP or Search Engine Result Page will remain one of the most significant factors being prioritised by brands in order to stay in the topmost column of google. To say otherwise, leading brands will focus staying from one to five pages in Google. 

AI-empowered SEO technique 

Google impressed the world with the introduction of its machine learning artificial intelligence called RankBrain. This machine (query refinement tool) is now used to process every search query by Google and is said to have performed impressively well so far. However, Google’s increasing trust on artificial intelligence has met with a stalemate as AI encounters various issues in its operation. Also called superstitious by many experts as AI machines are questionable in their ability to understand local minima and discover a better solution, search results will not be predicted exactly. 

The point is long-term SEO technique in relation with AI, especially strategizing things to humanise optimisation technique will be the best trend in search engine optimisation. In other words, SEO can’t ignore the power of humanising the values of ranking brought forth by the traffic of people who loved a particular website. 

Snippet powered data 

Snippet-powered data refers to HTML-coded specific vocabulary, telling Google how to interpret the content and show the same in its SERP. Even though Google has not officially approved the relevance of such structured data, yet it can significantly boost up your search listings by improving their CTR or click through rate. The rich snippet supports the post meaningfully adding up to its value thereby improving its click counts considerably. 

So, you are advised to add up various rich snippets to stay in a topmost column in the search engine. 

Faster the better 

Page loading is one crucial trend that is going to rule as an SEO trend this year. If pages of your website take more than five seconds to load, it’s a warning sign that the domain will not rank up as expected. According to Google, page loading should be in the timeframe of 3 seconds. That said; make sure your page opens in 3 seconds. Heavy pages surely take time but optimise the same for better ranking. 

Voice search, the future of SEO 

Progress in technology has grown up rapidly with inventions of various tools and techniques. Voice search of Google is one innovative tool said to rule the SEO trend this year. Voice search itself generates streak of new keywords based on user’s conversational inputs. These set of keywords differ from those found in various query lingos typed by users in the search engine. So, voice automated search results will surely benefit your website in SEO technique. 

The unavoidable mobile traffic 

Mobile traffics will be ruling the SEO trends this year and of course, years to come, considering people are switching to accessing information or products and services using their smartphones than laptops or desktop PCs. Therefore sites being mobile-responsive can factor a big way in your SEO technique in terms of improving its ranking.