4 Key Reasons your site not ranking high in Search Engines

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Your marketing efforts are waste if your business website is not ranking in search engines. Social media promotions on Twitter, Facebook, etc, blog posting and commenting on blogs, and directory submission won’t give your website the right boost if it has flaws. Finding the right one among various Online advertising agencies in Delhi NCR that offers comprehensive coverage across all mediums of advertising can help.

Before you start promoting your website online, you must keep an eye on below mentioned factors to make sure your site perform perfectly on search engine.

Irritating Pop-ups

Google stated that in their post recently, “website owners should avoid pop using intrusive interstitial and pop- user experience, particularly on mobile phones, is crucial to Google”. If creative pop-ups appear before your site visitors can access the main content, then it will negative affect User experience and, your SEO ranking.

No high quality Back links

When it comes to gaining back links, quality matters more than quantity. This means a link from a relevant site in your niche is more valuable than 100 links from low quality sites. The quality and volume of your back links are a strong sigh of how dependable your website is, and when search engines searching your site in search results, they take this into account.

Page length

What is most annoying for a site visitor is to scroll more than 5 times to get their desired section in your website. Therefore, keep your website short heighten and visitors happy and satisfied. Also, ensure that your website load quickly which means within 5 seconds. If your website takes longer than 5 seconds then it means you are losing your customers and finally your sales.

Weak content

Quality of the content is one of the crucial deciding factors about how well your website performs when it comes ranking highly. The product and service pages are the most important pages on the site. The higher rankings you can attract for them, the more business you will have. Some of the most common mistakes related to thin content are to not having a service or product pages at all on the website. Or even if you have service or product pages but they have little text on them or having one page listing for multiple products and services.


Whether you are working on a new website or redesigning the existing site, don’t forget to consider above mentioned SEO elements in your mind. A website without SEO techniques is hard to imagine. Having an SEO friendly website clearly helps in attracting more traffic and better conversions. The only way to get SEO friendly, responsive, attractive and fully functional website is to contact reputable online advertising agencies in Delhi NCR.