3 Effective Ways to Promote a Product Online Instantly

Online Marketing

Digital Marketing is undeniably a foolproof way to market products or services. With the sharp onset of internet addiction among people of all ages, it is seen that Internet usage has increased about 5 percent in last three years. Offline marketing is left way behind now.

Your key to success relies on choosing the Online Marketing Company in Delhi that promotes your business offerings in the right way. Let’s quickly have a sneak peek into top 5 effective ways that can promote your product fruitfully.

Facebook Ads

Haven’t you thought about using Facebook ads lately? You should think again! You would probably be interested in knowing the quick facts mentioned below.

About 3 billion people around the world actively use social media, and interestingly, half of them use Facebook.

Around 80% of the people online use Facebook

Approximately 75% of Facebook users seek interesting content

Approximately 74% users use Facebook for professional purpose.

This clearly indicates that your target market is bound to be using Facebook for either personal or professional purpose or both. So, get your business offering in front of them with Facebook ads! Join the bandwagon and sell any type of product using Facebook advertising as long as it doesn’t interrupt with Facebook’s advertising policies. Products like Tech, Apparel, Fitness, Retail, Health, Beauty attract the most number of clicks on Facebook. A team of expert digital marketers hired from one of the top Online marketing companies in Delhi can help you with the logistics and strategic planning involved in setting up a Facebook ad campaign for you!

Online Marketing

Google Ads

Google Ads formerly known as Google AdWords is the most used method of promoting a product. Also, It is Google’s main source of revenue. This indicates about its effectiveness. Google Ads is a kind of Pay Per Click ad wherein the advertisers pays the ad publisher each time a new lead clicks on the advertisement published. Let’ see how Google Ads helps

  • Google Ads help your business appear on the desirable first page of search engine results.
  • About 65% of people click on Google ads when they are on a look out to buy something online.
  • Google Ads is chosen by 4 out of 5 businesses that engage in PPC campaigns. This can be directly attributed to Google’s popularity.
  • As per studies it has been stated that the brand awareness can potentially get a boost of up to 45% from Google Ads, PPC ad campaigns.
  • Google Ads two fold your investment if you opt to advertise on this fantastic platform.
  • Google Ads is measurable. Yes, it’s indeed true! Google Ads various PPC metrics enable you to examine what is working and what isn’t.
  • Google Ads brings impressions and clicks right away.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the online marketing buzz word in the digital marketing industry. SEO is that digital marketing tactic which makes web pages easy to find, easy to crawl and easy to categorize. SEO helps potential customers to find your business and ultimately, your product.

You just need to do the right SEO, and then see your website landing up on the first search engine results page (SERP). Research shows that around 75% of people use leading search engines like Google to find out products or services they are looking for. People usually review the first couple of pages. That’s why your website must lay on the top of SERPS.

The Final Note

SEO, Facebook and Google Ads have become quite important to have successful digital marketing campaign. These digital marketing strategies have evolved and bought a revolutionary shift in digital marketing industry.