Social Media Marketing


What is SMM?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) boosts the exposure of your brand to social networking sites. A form of internet marketing, SMM establishes a two-way interaction between you and your target customers/clients. In a nutshell, it makes people get a good hang of your business, voice their feedback, and improve customer relationship.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Helpful For Your Business?

A business needs to be in spotlight and this can be achieved only when it comes to the knowledge of your target customers. SMM is a viable internet marketing technique drawing visitors to your website. It improves interaction with your target customers. This way, they get to understand your business better. If done right, your business will be in a widespread spotlight using SMM technique.

Radiate Digital for brilliant and result-oriented social media marketing service

Radiate Digital boasts of having commendable talent pool containing team of highly experienced and qualified professionals, readily available to streamline social media marketing for your branding purpose. Through creative SMM, along with strategic planning, and proactive marketing approach, team Radiate can improve your brand presence efficiently.

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What Can we do for you?


Facebook Marketing

Advertising on Facebook of your products and services aiming to mark out their presence on world’s topmost social media platform.

Linkedin Marketing

Maximum exposure of your online sponsored products/services through advertising on Linkedin, viable technique to sponsor business in an easy way.

Instagram Marketing

Strategy to convert new users to potential customers using powerful marketing techniques like advertising on Instagram for your business potentials.

Pinterest Marketing

Give lucrative surge to the business marketing of your products/services through the technique of viable advertising on Pinterest.


Brand Visibility
When it comes to improving brand visibility or brand awareness on the web, social media marketing is considered to be one viable technique to materialise the same. Radiate creates useful content and syndicate it on various networking platforms to galvanise the response of your target customers using social media marketing tactics.

Traffic Boost
Inbound traffic which is poor in want of effective social media marketing gallops upward when Radiate Digitalmarkets your business on social media channels. Linking up useful and interesting content on social medial platforms to your website and consistent approach of updating user-friendly updates would finally yield the result of huge increased traffic inflow.

Higher Ranking
Ranking up a website in Google and other major search engines through advertising technique is now the trusted recourse adopted by countless companies from across the globe today. Team Radiate involves some effective and result-driven strategies devised by our team of professionals whose expertise in social media marketing is comprehensive to an impressive extent.
Conversion Rates
If used effectively, social media marketing can improve the potentiality of conversion rates of your business by 80% and more. This is why you are recommended to outsource social media marketing to Radiate Digital, which is fast-growing to be one of the most reliable brands to surpass your brand visibility through SMM.

Brand Loyalty
Companies,which are actively engaged on social media channels, enjoy increased brand loyalty from their patrons. Moreover, there is rapidsurge in brand engagement even from prospective customers who take interest in your services due to the positive impression of your brand on the networking sites. Outsource social media marketing service to Radiate Digital and experience the virtue of branding for your online business.

Domain Authority
Consistent engagement with prospective customers on networking sites creates positive impression about your brand. In turn, it gives your prospects a reason to believe in what you offer. As long as this process continues, eventually your website becomes an authority for credible and reliable services. At Radiate Digital, we strain every nerve to make your website a credible authority on the networking sites.

A look at our SMM packages

Listed below is the summary of our SEO packages. Quoted prices for each package are for information purpose only.
₹ 35,000
INR / 12 Months
₹ 60,000
INR / 12 Months
₹ 90,000
INR /12 Month
INR / 12 Month
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, Social Backlink Platforms
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, Social Backlink Platforms
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, Social Backlink Platforms
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, Social Backlink Platforms

What makes us Special?

A close preview of why SMEs from their respective business field have chosen Radiate Digital for their branding purpose.


Our specialisation in understanding social media marketing and the strategy to be built for effective promotion of your site is comprehensive to the core.



Our vast experience is the testimony of excellence and specialisation we have earned in driving result-oriented outcome for your branding needs.


We are relentless in our effort to make sure that the social media marketing works in favour of your business. Our role as a strategic partner is to give you the best ROI.


In-house team

We do not outsource your works to a third party company. In fact, we have our in-house team of efficient professionals readily available to process your work.


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