Electronic Direct Marketing


What is EDM?

What is Electronic Direct Marketing?
Electronic Direct Marketing or Electronic/E-mail Direct Marketing (EDM) is known as a communication channel by which prospective customers or existing ones are sent commercial emails or called in person. It contains “call to action” appeal, either to convince people into becoming your new client or encourage the existing customers to make an immediate purchase of something escalated in the mail/call.

How Can Electronic Direct Marketing Help Your Business?
With EDM, you can sublimate your company’s message to your prospects or existing customers, encouraging them to take an immediate interest in your offers. The quality of uniqueness and attraction define the apex of how compelling your message may sound for the recipient clients. EDM can help your business engage with new customers for long-term business partnership. You can promote your products/services to the prospects/existing clients and increase sales.

How Can Radiate Digital Help You With Electronic Direct Marketing?
The team Radiate is thoroughly experienced and skilled in every aspect of digital marketing, including EDM. We generate compelling and graphically well-structured content displaying your brand message with instant impact to your customers. When it comes to building customers, leads, and conversions, Radiate Digital is the ultimate solution to this purpose.

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The customers are called over the phone to promote products or services. Telemarketing generates direct impact, either in denial or acceptance, depending on the quality of sales pitch. It involves planning and well-researched data profiling customers and products accurately.

Email Marketing

This involves simplified marketing tactic in a measurable way to yield a cost-effective result of customer engagement. New leads or customers are made using e-newsletters, emails, ads or other commercial means pitching sales for target customers.

Social Media Marketing

Networking or social media sites are used extensively to interact with customers and influence them with the quality of your product or service. Also, the reachability of your brand to maximum prospects is maintained using SMM tactic.

Direct Selling

Face to face interaction with the customers is maintained using this marketing tactic. Salespersons interact with the prospects at their home or any preferable place to sell products/services. It involves conventional door-to-door selling to modern networking model.



Benefits of Electronic Direct Marketing

1. Targeted Advertising
One of the most important benefits of Electronic Direct Marketing is that it is highly targeted. Therefore, it addresses your target customers using mailing list profiling the details of prospective clients. Since this marketing approach is already focused, there is no room for aberration as brands adopt anattentive approach for advertising.

2. Building Relationship
Through effective and time-bound Electronic Direct Marketing, a brand can achieve a longer relationship with its prospective and existing customers. This is the main benefit that encourages brands to make the most of an EDM tactic in order to generate more traffic, leads, and conversions for their business.

3. Sales Boost
The purpose of EDM is always to ensure that the prospects come in, and leads and conversions are generated to afford benefits for business. Using this tactic wisely or if you have it done by Radiate Digital, your brand will experience sales boost from the target customers by a sizeable ratio.
4. Cost Effective
The best reason to use EDM is that you can milk the profit in terms of how better you can save on budget. In fact, Electronic Direct Marketing is very cost-effective, offering your brand a reason to reach to potential customers in a more efficient way. It finally gives the result of increasing brand presence.

5. Customer Loyalty
Direct marketing is an effective marketing tactic helping you build up fruitful relations with your customers. Using techniques like commercial messages, letters and other promotional stuff can result in an improved customer loyalty. Better strategy and coordinated approach finally lead to the success of customer engagement.

6. Business Surge
With the help of an efficient Electronic Direct Marketing, a brand can improve its business by developing new customers and making the existing ones happy with its quality services. You can boost your sales and customer contact in a meaningful way. Business surge happens if EDM is implemented efficiently.

What makes us Special?

Listed below are the key differentiators as to why reputable brands choose Radiate Digital for their Electronic Direct Marketing purpose.


We believe in serving our customers with the quality service accentuated by our prompt and result-oriented marketing tactics that we implement to boost your customer’s base, leads, and engagement. Quality service is the main theme of our business and it is still uncompromising and will remain so.


The team of professionals at Radiate Digital understands the importance of being professional in what they do for our precious customers. Hence, you always expect from us a sheer level of professionalism, a hallmark of what sets us apart from the rest brands in the market.

Creative Excellence

Team Radiate shows creative excellence to the point of complete satisfaction for our clients. We strain every nerve to make our works meet the highest quality standards. We work on client’s projects creatively without abandoning proven methods to result in better ROI for the customers.

Top-Notch Service

Radiate Digital offers superior customer service intended to help our customers in the most efficient way possible. We take care of your needs and ensure that your projects are done in a time-bound fashion. Quality work is our forte and a strong factor for creating our reputation a notch higher.

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